and other unidentified people

The pictures below are thru the courtesy of Mary Louise Gossum. Alexander A. Boone is the gentleman in the middle of the first Picture.
Mary Louise believes that the others may be elected county officials. In the second Picture, Mr. Boone, is the gentleman without a hat.
Alexander A. Boon and his wife Annie E. (Seay) Boone, are buried in Dade City Cemetery.

If anyone is able to identify the others in the pictures, please email me and I will add the names to this page.

The gentleman sitting, in the second picture, has been identified as John "Jack" Thomas Tait, 3rd great-grandfather
of Dixie Tait Kirton. Mr. Tait was born in Thomas Co., GA in 1850. After serving in the Civil War, 
he moved to Pasco County and married Catherine Wilson and they had 3 children. After her death,
he married Nancy "Nanny" Croft and continued to have a large family.
Thank you Dixie for the information.


alexander boone

boone photo


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Alexander A. Boone And Relatives.

by Peggy McSwain