BOOK ONE

The following records were hand-copied by Jo M. Lee and graciously given to the Pasco County Website for posting. Jo hopes that this will help others in their quest for the trail of missing ancestors. She has also prefaced the record with a personally written paragraph giving thanks to those who supplied her with the information. We also Thank Jo for giving to us the opportunity of sharing her work. The records are dated from September 1, 1926 thru June 30, 1930. Name of Deceased, Birth Date, Date of Death, Cemetery where buried or City, will be listed in that order, beginning with book #1.

A note of appreciation to the owners of the Coleman-Ferguson Funeral Home, Duane and Lillian Anderson, for allowing me the privilege of coping these records for the benefit of genealogists in their never ending quest for that all important link to our past. I truly do thank them. And even though Paul Rhinesmith has since retired, He was of immeasurable help, always finding a quiet alcove where I could work, unmolested for hours on end. Thanks Paul. These four books were hand copied and I made every effort to check spelling as I went along. Yet, I'm sure there are mistakes made and I beg your indulgence when you find them, to let someone know so changes can be made. In some instances, the cause of death was listed, especially when it was an unusual one. BUT certainly never to embarrass any family member living now or to besmirch the memory of one of our loved ones. In a couple of instances, I included funeral expenses (one from my own family) as an item of interest to show how times have changed. In one instance I included the note that "friends made the casket, and that it cost $3.00 to open and close the grave." That was at a time when our country was going through "hard times that were about to get worse." Yet, it was a time when those that could, reached out and helped those that, at least for that space in time, could not help themselves. Any reference to the use of the word "colored" is strictly because that's the way it was written. No more, no less. And, though a few years have rolled by since these books were copied, I sincerely hope it will help some of you to close the gap and perhaps fill in some blank spaces.

Sincerely, Jo M. Lee.


Lynn, Harriet Francis, B. unknown, D. September 1, 1926, D/O Frank Busnell.
Buried Dade City Cemetery.

Privett, Ethel Helen, B. January 10, 1909, D. September 8, 1926, Live Oak FL.
D/O P.R. Privett & Effie M. Lee.

Pinkham, Jennie O. B. B. abt 1868, D. September 15, 1926.
Buried Dade City Cemetery.

Infant /O John Myrick, B. September 21, 1926, D. September 21, 1926.
Trilby Cemetery.

Thomas, Archie Roberts, B. July 25, 1926, D. September 30, 1926.
Buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, S/O Henry & Hattie Walker Thomas.

Twin Infants of Fred and Lottie Thomas, B. and D. October 6, 1926
Buried Dade City Cemetery.

Roberts, Benjamin Jackson, B. March 14, 1921, D. October 9, 1926.
Buried Lacoochee cemetery, S/O B.F.and Sallie Lou Herring Roberts, Born in Williston.

Cunningham, Will (col) B. Abt. 1896, D. October 11, 1926.
Buried Trilby Col. Cemetery. About 30 years old, succumbed to Tuberculosis.

Brannen, Ed (col) B. unknown, D. October 13, 1926.
Trilby Col. Cemetery. Sawmill Laborer, ran over by a log train.

Lamke, Stella F., B. September 25, 1888, D. October 13, 1926.
Buried St. Anthony Cemetery. W/O E.G. Lamke, D/O George and Annie Hallanger Frese.

Watson, George Franklin, B. 1873, D. October 17, 1926.
Coleman, FL, H/O Daisy B. in Georgia, S/O J. Britt and Susan Tankersley.
Shock from auto accident injury.

Smith, John Patrick, B. Abt. 1872, D. October 20, 1926
Buried Dade City Cemetery.
Widower, crushed leg by railroad train.

Green, Mamie (col) B. unknown, D. October 21, 1926.
No other information.

Tabor, Loren R., B. October 1, 1849, D. October 21, 1926.
Buried Dade City Cemetery. H/O Chloe Tabor, B. in Fletcher VT. S/O Preston and Marie Cox.

Newsom, Wilburn, B. May 11, 1914, D. October 24, 1926.
Buried Dade City Cemetery. Age 12 years, 5 months, 13 Days, S/O of J.A. and Minnie Barrow Newsom. Succumed to Typhoid Fever.

Simpson, Frank (col) B. unknown, D. October 29, 1926, St. Petersburg, Fl.
Scalded in Train Wreck.

Wells, John, B. December 22, 1875, D. November 7, 1926.
Wesley Chapel, Fl. H/O Rena and S/O John and Mary E. Gaskins.

Ross, Joseph, B. Abt. 1842, D. November 8, 1926.
Abt. 84 years old, Retired Farmer and Widower.

Harrison, Silas A., B. Rockhill, SC, June 7, 1858, D. November 14, 1926.
Buried Dade City Cemetery. H/O Sarah G. and S/O John T. and Susan Freeman. Widower, succumbed to Stroke.

Lefler, Emma A. Mrs., B. August 22, 1853, D. November 25, 1926.
Succumbed to Cancer. Mary Ann Lillebridge Rockwell listed as a relation.

Morey, Edward M., B. January 2, 1890, D. December 4, 1926,at Dr. T.F. Jackson's Hospital.
Buried Clay Sink Cemetery. Born in Riverland, FL.
Single farmer succumbed to Acute Nephritus. S/O William Madison and Nancy Sapp Morey.
Funeral held at residence with Rev. Bryant officiating. Following is description and cost of funeral.
# 176 gray casket and box 6/3, American Crepe $85.00.
Embalming $15.00.
Funeral Car $15.00.
Set of clothes $27.50.
Underwear $1.00.
Hose $.50.
Total of $144.00.

Gilyard, Sarah (col) B. Abt. 1881, D. December 14, 1926>
Buried in Paupers Coffin, Pasco Cemetery. Succumed to Cerebral Hemmorage.


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