I dedicate this page to those listed below
my Thanks go to them for all the work
put into these pages
Thank You

The West Pasco Historical Society provided many of the photos on this site. Old newspapers were made available by the WPHS
and the New Port Richey Public Library.

Sources: Bellwood refers to Tales of West Pasco (1962) by Ralph Bellwood. Ash refers to Florida Cracker Days in West Pasco County 1830-1982 (1984-5) by Pauline Stevenson Ash. WPH refers to West Pasco's Heritage (1974) by the West Pasco Historical Society. Historic Places refers to The Historic Places of Pasco County (1992) by James J. Horgan, Alice F. Hall, and Edward J. Herrmann. Avery refers to The Genesis of New Port Richey (1924) by Elroy M. Avery. Stanaback refers to A History of Hernando County 1840-1976 by Richard J. Stanaback. MacManus refers to Citrus, Sawmills, Critters, & Crackers: Life in Early Lutz and Central Pasco County by Elizabeth Riegler MacManus and Susan A. MacManus. Hendley refers to History of Pasco County (1938? or 1944?) by Jefferson Alexis Hendley.

Others to Thank

Patricia " Curley" Bronson

Special Thanks to -Jeff Miller
Pasco County Genealogical Society
lAURIE - for Bailie's photo's
Paul - Bio's

Contributions of photos (negatives or prints) and corrections to captions for existing photos are welcome either via e-mail or to Jeff Miller, Box 641, New Port Richey FL 34656. Photos will be returned promptly. Many pictures on this page were provided by the West Pasco Historical Society. Most of the photos of early Hudson residents were provided by Brenda Knowles. The Angelo Deciucies photos are among those recently donated to the West Pasco Historical Society by his widow Shirley. 

I Thank all the former County Coordinators for Pasco County
Darrel Bell
George O.Warren


by Peggy

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