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2007 Miami-Dade Queries
Surname First Name Town Query Text Date Posted Posted By
COLLINS Merrett Miami I know that Merritt Collins died JUL 1967 in Dade county Florida but I can not find which cemetery he was buried in. Please help 6/27/2007 H A Scott
FABERY (OR FAVERY) Raymond   I'm trying to locate an obit or any information on the death of this person. He died in his thirties. Thank You 7/23/2007 Harley Kirkland

Old Dade County Queries

Hello, I'm from IL. and looking for my cousin and his family and father. Norman Ray Todd born In Colorado and died 1975 Coral Gables, Dade County, Fl. and son Michael Todd. Would like to have Norman's obituary, and possibly contact his son Michael. Have no other information on this line. Other than Norman's parents were Ernest Todd and Phoebe Daugherty. Did receive an e-mail from another person just saying there only a 3 line obit on him which told nothing about his family. Would like some kind soul to help in locating a better obit, or other records concerning this family. Thank you very much for your help and advice. Please e-mail: Georgia at jenie@madisontelco.com

I am researching Charles and Walter Degale who lived in Miami Dade County. This family originally came from Grenada, West Indies Please e-mail: me at Dabaptiste2@aol.com

I have just started looking for relatives, and boy, this isn't easy. The family names is Grimes- my dad-John Nowell Grimes -had three sisters- Eva, Lillian Shirley. I think the girls are all dead, my dad passed away a while ago. His mother-Dorothy Mayers died in 1985. This search is basically to find any living relatives . and to locate history on my father. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you .Please e-mail: Paula at Longwood@MidFloridaGolfCars.com

I'm looking for the obituary of Olga Hagar (Feb. 7, 1901 - Sept. 23, 1994). She died in the Baptist Hosptial in Miami, Dade Co., FL. Her second husband was Ivan D. Hagar, who died in 1972 in Miami. Her son, Richard L. Bernard (April 7, 1922 - Sept. 23, 1999) also died in Dade Co. I've been trying to find more information on these relatives. Thanking you in advance. Please e-mail: Rob at robmarth@empacc.net

I am trying to locate family members of my great Uncle Floyd Butler. He died in Miami in 1971. I now have his obiturary and it list his wife as Mrs. Mary E., Narranja and 1 daughter Mrs. Harold (Madeline) Cold. a grandchild and a great grandchild. Is there anyone in the area that may know of them? Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail: Peggy at PegSCool@wmconnect.com

Marilyn Elizabeth (BRYANT) - ..DIED 1971

Birth daughter seeking information on deceased birth mother, (Afro-American) Marilyn Elizabeth (Bryant) ABEL, born 4 APRIL 1938 in Brunswick ( Glynn Co ) Georgia, daughter of William and Bessie (Sharpe) Bryant. Parents (William and Bessie Bryant) lived in St. Simons Island, GA. William was laborer...Bessie a housekeeper.

.....Marilyn Elizabeth (Bryant) ABEL, died in Miami, FLORIDA on 6 JUNE 1971 at age 33 from pneumonia. Obit lists relatives as her surviving husband being Richard ABEL. and other surviving relatives as Angela, Carolyn, Valorie and me, Joannie Mae...Richard ABEL, Jr and Raymond as family members. My sibling and I were adopted at about 3 yrs old and never knew my family. I am trying to locate any member of my family so any information is most appreciated.

.....The sisters of Marilyn Elizabeth (Bryant) ABEL are listed as Mrs. Barbara Carter, Mrs. Willie Jenkins and Mrs. Margie Simmons. Location unknown. I am trying to locate any of these people as they are my blood kin. Do you know any of these people???

.....Being adopted, I never knew my family but desperately trying to locate them now. If you know any of my relatives, please contact me at joanniequinn@juno.com. Would love to know what my mother looked like or anything about her. Would also like to talk to anyone who knew my mother or what happened to my father. I understand he moved back to Georgia...place unknown ...or if he is still living. PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you, Please e-mail:Joannie Mae at joanniequinn@juno.com

BETTY J.ROBERTS died Aug. 1, 1996 in HIALEAH. Her father,NORMAN E.ROUSE died in St. Pete in 1975. Want to find descendants as his father was my UNCLE "BERT". Would like Betty's obit, if possible Please e-mail:John/Marilyn at marjohn@atlantic.net

Looking for marriage information for men in the military stationed in Miami. Dates of interest are from 1896 through 1900. The records from the Cclerk's office do not reflect any military marriages. I have three Whitney Aunts who married men probably from Ft. Dallas in 1897, 1897, and 1900. Any information appreciated. Please e-mail:John at whitneyj@bellsouth.net

I am Christopher Schuler, a 30 year old language arts teacher in Indiana. I am the son of Leon Andrew Schuler and Arlene E. Schuler. For the past eight years, I have been doing genealogy but must not have been doing it correctly because I have had no success in finding out about a few of my ancestors (great-grandparents on my father's side.) There names are Walter Schuler and his wife's name was Elizabeth. They were from Miami, Florida.

As in most cases, there is a lengthy story behind why I do not know more information.

My father, Leon, was born in Boston, Mass. in Nov.1936. He is the son of Andrew Schuler and Virginia May Canning (Schuler). Virginia was born in Brockton, Mass 1916. Andrew Schuler was born November 1909 in Pennsylvania. Andrew and Virginia were married in Miami, Florida on April 21, 1934 and at the time of Leon Andrew Schuler's birth , lived at 821 S. West 8th St. in Miami, Florida.

Andrew Schuler's parents (Walter and Elizabeth Schuler) resided at 2463 N. West 20th Street in Miami, Florida at this time. About four or five years after Leon's birth, he was sent to live with his grandmother, Sally E. Gilmore (Canning)(Hale) in Massachusetts. After a few years living with his grandmother, due to her aging and mental instability, Leon became a ward of the state of Massachusetts and never heard or saw his parents (Andrew or Virginia) again.

At this time, I am searching for ANY information about ANY of these people. Please help if possible. Thank you for your help or any direction/advice you can provide, Please e-mail: Christopher at cschuler@locl.net

Sunny South Airport
I am interested in information on Sunny South Airport. Information like where it was and when it opened. Thanks in advance.Please e-mail:George at G9390@aol.com

Looking for information on the family of Walter B. McBride, Jr. of Miami, Dade Co., FL. Walter died in 1948 leaving a widow, Ada Marie and a son also named, Walter. I would like to know what happened to wife, Ada and son, Walter.

Arrangements for services for Walter B. McBride, Jr. were handled by Flager Funeral Home which is no longer in business and their records are not available. Other funeral homes/cemeteries in the area have no knowledge of where he was buried and the death certificate does not show this either.

There seem to be many Walter's in the Dade-Broward County area but not knowing place or birthdate I have no way of eliminating or confirming whether it is the Walter I am searching. Please e-mail: Marge at ClearBrookMMA@aol.com

I'm looking for any relatives of Parker and Julia Henderson that might help me with information about their nieces Mary and Rose Mccrimmon. The daughters of Julia's brother Lewis. Thank you for your time. Please e-mail Amy at amywyatt@direcway.com 01/21/2006

Looking for my Great Great Aunt Sarah Ann and Uncle William Tomlinson in the 1920 census in shows living in Miami Beach, Dade, Florida at the age of 70 and their children i believe were William T.,Alfred, Clarence. Sarah parents were Zebulon and Maria Partridge and her brother Harold i'm looking for any for information you can give such as orbit the cemetery and when they pass on and if possible their children. children hopfully i can get a death certicate on them thanks so much. Connie fredmerch@yahoo.com

Older Dade County Queries

Name- Suzanne Ramsey Date of Visit- Jan 6, 1998
E-Mail Address- Sue31252@aol.com
Query Surname- RAMSEY / JOHNSON
Query- Looking for death information and parent/sibling info of my childrens ggmother.  
Ellen Marie RAMSEY (maiden name JOHNSON) Died in Naranja / buried in Homestead -
approx 1934. Need to know death date from cemetary to get a copy of her death
certificate. Would like to know more about her family -They supposedly lived in the area at
the time of her death. We beleive there was a sister, Edith and a bother Irvin, parents
names unknown. We have stumbled over this for a very long time and would appreciate
any help at all. Please email if you have any info or suggestions.


Name- Evelyn Pfingston Dismore Date of Visit- Jan 16, 1998
E-Mail Address- et@vci.net
Query- HELP! My nephew John Benj Harris (by marriage) is trying to find his father's
(who IS terminal ill) kinfolks. They were in Dade City in 1994. Maybe some of you can tell
us how to go about finding- RUTH ELLIS PARSONS, JOHN WAYNE PARSONS,


Name- Robin Tyree Date of Visit- Jan 20, 1998
E-Mail Address- MTyree@swbell.net
Query Surname- Pace/Taylor
Query- Am trying to locate anyone who might have known Johnie Pace in Jacksonville, Florida in 1937. He is my mother's biological father according to her birth certificate. He was living there and working in a "public works" capacity. He was 36 years old when he married Claudie Taylor on March 24, 1934 in Selma, Alabama. They had a son, James Pace, born around 1935, then my mom, Billie Jo Pace, born December 27, 1937, in Shreveport, Louisiana and then Mary Jane Margaret Pace, born November 20, 1939 in Montogomery Alabama. Claudie gave mom up for adoption in 1938 and returned to live with Johnnie in Jacksonville, Florida according to the court papers. What happened to them? Claudie is later listed as living with Lin and Alma Herring Keith in Jacksonville, FLorida. Can anyone help me find either Johnnie, Claudie, James or Mary Jane Pace? Please contact me, Robin Tyree, Billie Jo's daughter at MTyree@swbell.net. All answers will be strictly confidential.


Name- Greg CARTWRIGHT Date of Visit- Jan 21, 1998
E-Mail Address- gcartwright@activeaero.com
Query Surname- Jeffrey KOPP
Query- The information I currently have is very limited and may not be accurate. I'm looking for any information on the family or family members for a Jeffrey KOPP age would be 48 to 51 years old. He lived in Dade Co. in the area of Miami in 1968. He may have gone to Miami shores High School from 1960 to 1965, and he was in Germany with the US Air Force in or about 1967. Jeffrey would have or had a younger sister and a older brother (names unknown).  His older brother was or is a Airline Pilot (Airlines unknown). Comments- ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. IF ANYONE KNOW THIS FAMILY OR ANY FAMILY MEMBERS, E-MAIL ME. THANK YOU, GREG

Name- JH GANIS Date of Visit- Jan 28, 1998
E-Mail JGANIS@prodigy.net
Query Surname- MacDONALD
Query- Searching for family of, or information on John Emmett MacDONALD that lived in
Miami at least from 1955-59. Would've been in 20's at the time.

Name- David Marvez Date of Visit- Jan 30, 1998
E-Mail Address- damarvez@aol.com
Query Surname- MARVEZ


Name- Catherine Date of Visit- Feb 12, 1998
E-Mail Address- Dedel@msn.com
Query Surname- HAMMEL
Query- Looking for anyone who can furnish any information on JOSEPHINE HAMMEL, born 09/29/1891, possibly AL, and died 07/???1969 in Miami Beach, FL. I do not have the day of death. Could any let me know if there was an obit notice for this lady? Is there anyone there who has any knowledge of her and/or her family? Pleae e-mail me with any information you may have. Thank you.


Name- Charlotte Yawn P.O.Box 185 Fountain, FL 32438 Date of Visit- Feb 13, 1998
E-Mail Address- COUNTRYBLUE@webtv.net M6W2@webtv.net SAMI44@webtv.net
Query Surname- CABRAL
Query- I am looking for an Uncle who may still be living in the Dade County area. His name is HENRY "TONY" CABRAL. His first wife was ELBAINOR (HARVELL) CABRAL.They were divorced in the late 1960's --1970. He is a carpenter by
trade...specialty in Cabinet Making. He may be retired. He is of Spanish decent. He may have relatives in the Dade County area. He once lived in Carol City and Opa Locka. Anyone knowing this person or related to him.......PLEASE .. PLEASE contact me. There is a chance he may have remarried. IF he is still living..., [ :-( ] or not, ...I would really like to know. Thank You.
Comments- I would be grateful if any one can access resources in the Dade County area
that could possibly locate him. I have no Birthdate nor other information.


Name- Kenneth L. FORBES Date of Visit- Feb 14, 1998
E-Mail Address- acclaim@nwrain.com
Query Surname- CADWELL / FORBES
Query- CADWELL / FORBES: Seeking husband and descendants of Mildred E.
FORBES-CADWELL, b: October 28, 1894 Luzerne County, PA; d: January 20, 1980
Hialeah, Dade, FL; Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Miami, Dade, FL.
Comments- Mildred was a church singer.


Name- Sandi Loftis KOMOSINSKI    Date of Visit- Feb 23, 1998
E-Mail Address- sandikomo@worldnet.att.net
Query Surname- TISCH
Query- Looking for TISCH family that lived on Star Island, Miami Beach, FL ca 1920's thru 1940's??? Have picture of their mansion looks like the numbers on gateway entrance says 42 Sunny Villa? Were very weathy, family was from Russia. Also had a home in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI. Family was Jake, John or Jack, wife Sonja? and daughters Alexa (Alexis) and Helma. The daughters were probably born ca 1920's. Had family living in Detroit also, named Jacob & Elizabeth (Woltz) Tisch and daughter Elizabeth, who married Peter Loch. Sonja was possibly a Russian Countess who was exiled from Russia. Any
information would be greatly appreciated! Is this mansion still there? Where is Star Island in Miami Beach? Please help!! Thank you!!


Name- Warren WILLIAMSON Date of Visit- Feb 26, 1998
E-Mail Address- warreningriffin@mindspring.com
Query Surname- WILLIAMSON
Query- i am trying to obtain a copy of an obit for my uncle Robert F. WILLIAMSON who died on
Aug. 25, 1997 and lived in Homestead


Name- Donna Burg Date of Visit- Mar 7, 1998
E-Mail Address- Burgmeistr@aol.com
Query Surname- PURVIS
Query- Looking for a Mattie Elizabeth PURVIS and son Henry Bell PURVIS, was in Dade
County in 1918.


Name:  Phyllis Poston JENNINGS Date of Visit- April 2, 1998
E-Mail Address- jenhkync@twave.net
Query Surname- POSTON
Query- 1920 census lists R  Rockwell POSTON, age 57, with sons Elmer C, Carl W and
Stanly A. Am following him from NC.
Comments- Would like to hear from others researching this family.


Name- Keith A. HERKALO Date of Visit- April 3, 1998
E-Mail Address- herkalok@slic.com
Query Surname- RUSSELL
Query-Searching for information, obit, etc. re: Ruth RUSSELL  b. 1884; d. Aug 1981;
last known residence in Dade County 33134 Zip;   Maiden name  may have been "STRONG";
May have been married to "Platt" or "Pratt" Russell. May have had daughter named "Mary"


Name- John L. WHITNEY Date of Visit- April 12, 1998
E-Mail Address- jwhitney@megabits.net
Query Surname- CHAPMAN
Query- Seeking information on the following:  Marion Richard CHAPMAN, Sr. was listed in the 1926 Polk  Directory for Miami. Occupation painter with no wife listed.  His son Marion Richard CHAPMAN, Jr also listed in same directory with wife Gertrude, he was a plumber. Marion Sr. had two other children, Mary CHAPMAN and Emma S. CHAPMAN who married Lawrence Henry WHITNEY,  Following Lawrences death in 1926 (Miami) Emma moved from their houseboat at the end of 5th st to a house on (I think) 29th St., in the North West section of Miami.

Comments- Need dates of death on the above.  Did Emma S. CHAPMAN WHITNEY remarry and to whom?  Who was Marrion Sr. Wife and the mother of his children.  Any information on the above will be appreciated. If there are descendants of Marion Jr. and Gertrude, I will appreciate knowing about them.


Name - The Bices Date of Visit April 15, 1998
Query Surnames - LEACH, CARSON, ARCHER
Email Address:  jbice@gator1.brazosport.cc.tx.us
ALT E-Mail Address:  dlbice@dow.com
Query - LEACH, CARSON, ARCHER family sir names being researched. Families lived from Delray Beach to Homestead & Florida City, Dade County.  Write: Verna Bice, 218 Flag Dr.W., Lake Jackson, Tex. 77566 or Email:  jbice@gator1.brazosport.cc.tx.us  (or)  dlbice@dow.com


Name:  Tilmon Chamlee 5/5/98 20:35
E-mail Address: chamlee@accucomm.net
Query: Seeking descendants of U. HOWARD GORDON.  He purchased the Old Howard Burial Ground in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia, in July of 1942, according to local records, and he was from Miami, Florida.  Cemetery now abandoned, overgrown; badly in need of cleaning and marker repair.
One of the persons buried in that cemetery is Rev. Sol. JOHN HOWARD,  d 1828, son of Nehemiah Howard and Edith Smith of South Carolina.  John was a brother of my gr gr gr gr grandmother, MARY HOWARD (WOODWARD) BARRETT (Mrs. Isaac J. Barrett).  I seem to be the only person now in the county who knows of or descends from that HOWARD family (John's mother and brother-in-law, ELIJAH OWENS, said also to be buried there).  Any help much appreciated -- am trying to gain authority to clean and
maintain the site. Thanks.
Anne Barrett Chamlee
227 Lakeshore Circle NE
Milledgeville  GA  31061-9056
912/452-7877                    FAX 912/452-7530


Name:  LindaW426 5/18/98 11:55
Query Surnames:  WHITE
E-Mail Address: LindaW426@aol.com
Looking for a CHARLES (S.?) WHITE who was living in MIAMI in 1945.  He was born in TEXAS around 1918-19.  He may have been in the ARMY.  He also lived in TAMPA/ST. PETERSBURG in 1943.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thank you.


Name:  C. ESCHMAN   5/20/98 17:22
Query Surnames:  ESCHMAN
E-Mail Address:  CEschman@aol.com
Am researching ESCHMAN, Otto, Carl, b. 9 Jan. 1894, d. Mar. 1969. Would like to have exact date of death so I might send for death certificate. He died in Dade County and ss # 266-24-9629 issued Dade Co., before 1951. Also interested in obituary, but again, don't have exact dod. Can you help? Thanks   Charles ESCHMAN


Name:  Marie HAMMACK  5/29/98 20:45
Query Surnames: COLLINS, PRATT
E-Mail Address:   mbhamm@surfsouth.com
Ernestine PRATT born 14 Jan 1908 and died Jan 1974 in Miami.She was married to Frederick Collins in New Hampshire,she was my dad's stepmother.I need a copy of her obit.In 1944 she lived in Burlington,Vermont.If you are researching this family I would love to hear from you. Thank you,  Marie HAMMACK


Name:  J SIMON  5/31/98 10:55
Query Surnames:  SEARLE
E-Mail Address:  JSimon7098@aol.com
I'm looking for the death date for Jessie Colby SEARLE primarily.  There are several members of my family buried in Woodlawn Cemetery on Southwest 8th St. in Miami.  I will take any information on any of them that is available.  Jessie was the wife of Joseph Chapman SEARLE.  There should also be Lucy Osborne SEARLE, sister of Joseph and maybe some others in the same plot or area.  I wrote to the Woodlawn Cemetery a few months back requesting the same information, but thus far have not received an answer.
Dates: Joseph Chapman SEARLE, b. July 23, 1866 d. January 30, 1924
                Jessie Colby SEARLE, b. December 16, 1865 d. unk (early 30's)
                Lucy Osborne SEARLE, b. July 31, 1871, d. April 10, 1939
                Thomas Turner SEARLE, b. August 8, 1869 d. October 11, 1925
Anyone requesting information on these people can contact me at  jsimon7098@aol.com.  FYI, Joseph and Jessie were my maternal grandparents.  I was born in Miami in 1928 and lived there on and off until 1948. Thanks for any assistance.

Joseph S. SIMON


Name: Jean STUCKEY 6/7/98 20:18
Query Surnames:  JOHNSON, RITCHEY
E-Mail Address: lhayer@concordnc.com
I am trying to help out a librarian in Concord NC.  I believe it was his grandfather  he's trying to find.  His name was James S. JOHNSON and he died on 11 Jul 1911 in a motorcycle accident in Miami.  He is buried in Miami City Cemetery, 2d st., Miami FL.
He was a farmer and his full name was James Simeon JOHNSON (Johnston?).  His wife's name was Mattie RITCHEY. Larry is the Historical librarian in Concord and they have a very small genealogy section there.   My name is Jean STUCKEY and I live in Pensacola.  If you can help us in any way with something from the newspaper or any information, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance Jean


Name:  Marianne Copeland CREWS  June 15, 1998
Query Surnames:  CREWS, TANNER
E-Mail Address: mjcrews@brightok.net
I am desperately looking for a lost cousin in hopes I can validate my great grandfather through doing a little research on the family.  He was called "Orrie" TANNER and owned several grocery stores in Miami during the 20's-30's.  He had at least one son and maybe more children.  Help, please, even with only suggestions on how I might find him. I live in Sand Springs, Ok. Marianne Copeland CREWS
P.S.  My grandmother was a TANNER, but she died in 1962.  My mother just remembered this one name.


Name:  Frank BROWN
Query Surnames:  COPPINGER
E-Mail Address: brownae@cpcug.org
I am interested in making contact with the descendents of Don Jose COPPINGER. My mother is a COPPINGER and I am assisting in updating the "History of the Copingers and Coppingers of County Cork, Ireland and Suffolk and Kent Counties, England" published in 1884 and edited by Walter A. Copinger, Esq.


NAME:  Jan Beaty Thu, 6 May 1999 11:50:10 -0700
Surnames:  JOHNSON
E-Mail:  jbeaty@sigmagame.com

Am trying desperately to discover what happed to my grandfather, Gustaf George JOHNSON. He was born 9-27-1883, in Blue Island, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. His parents were Andrew "Anders" JOHNSON and Josephine Caroline KLEIN. Was married to Nellie Jan MAXWELL. Had two daughters Harriet Ruth JOHNSON ZEIGLER and Florence Josephine JOHNSON JONES who is still alive, age 92.

Gustaf had barother Peter Arthur Andrew JOHNSON and a sister Sophie JOHNSON COOK. When Gust was in his teens he and his family moved to a farm in Hampton, Rock Island County, Illinois. He married Nellie in Silvis, Illinois, Rock Island County, living around various places in Rock Island County.

Around 1918 he left his family one morning while they were staying in Hampton and never appeared again. Never came around when parents became deceased. He worked in smeltering factories, did carpenter work, had a nice voice, played old organ, spent summers clamming, could do various things. Was around 5 foot 7-8 inches tall. Regular swedish complexion. His brother Peter left his family also and did not appear again.

What happend to Gus and his brother. Did they remarry, other children, etc. Anxious to gather the answers to this puzzle.

I thank you for any help in searching your area.


Name:  Lin Doughty 13 May 1999 11:02:10 EDT
E-Mail:  mailto:Lindougene@aol.com

I am trying to find an Obituary for my cousin who died 22 Mar. 1999 in Dade County. am certain that it must be in the Miami Herald. Her name was: RUTH (DOUGHTY) BLAYLOCK and she resided in East Ridge Village, born in Queens County, NY 21 Oct 1910. If you could point me to the date it appeared in the newspaper, I could take it from there and write the Obituary Editor of the newspaper.


Name:  Beth  August 25, 1999
E-mail: mailto:betro@aol.com
I was visiting your website about Dade County and I was wondering if you had any info on how to obtain adoption records. I was born in N. Miami Beach and  adopted a few days after birth. I have a copy of my birth certificate, but it has my adoptive parents' names on it. Do you know how I can get info on my birth parents? I'd greatly appreciate any advice you may have.


Name:  Hazel  August 28, 1999
Query Surnames:  REXFORD
E-mail: flcrkr@mindspring.com
Everett REXFORD b. 1914 Orange County FL, d. 1973 Dade County FL. His mother's step-brother, Jonathan DOUGLAS, was my grandfather. Their mother was Sarah DOUGLAS/TYNER. I would like to hear from any family member who knows more of this family. Thank you. Hazel
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