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              ....created in 1836 as Dade County

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The county was named in honor  Major Francis L. Dade who died in 1835 in the battle that began the second Seminole war. The following year a territorial county in southeast Florida was named after him. The county seat was originally located on Indian Key located south of the mainland. Through the years the large county of  Dade has been altered by the creation of Palm Beach and Broward counties on the mainland.   In 1844  the county seat was moved to Miami.   

On March 3, 1845, Florida became the 27th State to join the United States of America. The remaining part of the northern Florida Keys was joined with the lower keys in 1866 and became a part of Monroe County.

The City of Miami was incorporated in 1896.  There were around 15 homes there around the turn of the century.   At the same time Julia Tuttle's efforts to bring the railroad to Dade County suceeded and by 1920, the railroad had been extended to the Keys. 

The name was changed from Dade to Miami-Dade County in 1997 by the voters of the county.  They wanted the international recognition of Miami as well as Dade.  

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