Helen Crandall Dorr was born in Ft. Valley, Ga. on April 5, 1908.  She moved to Miami in the 1930's.  She had two sons by her first marriage to Mr. Hume.  Her second husband,  Gus Dorr (13 Mar 1901-Oct 1981) enjoyed dabbling in real estate and they owned several buildings in downtown Miami area.  

She was also an interior decorator.  Their home on N. Kendall Dr. was a rustic retreat and was featured in House Beautiful in the 1950's.  It was built partially on stilts to allow for the porch to extend over the pond on the property to the rear of the house.  There was also a small island in the pond.  They kept a small boat docked so they could visit their little island.  It was a very picturesque spot when it was built but like everything else,  the city encroached and by the late 50's there was a shopping mall about two blocks away. The property was laid out so not much of the noise poluted their paradise.   They spent their retirement years between Miami and Highlands, North Carolina.  Helen died in February of 1985.

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